Monday, November 27, 2017

Mondays in Third Grade

Welcome back after a long weekend!

Tomorrow is our feast! I thank you to all who have volunteered to provide grapes and/or berries. Also to those who can provide wild game meat for our feast. We are finishing up our Pilgrim Unit this week. The kids have learned that life as a Pilgrim was not easy at all. The have had to create a government, search for food, build houses, and soon will have to make peace with the Indians so they stop stealing their tools. Ask the kids how many tools they have lost. 
Tomorrow's feast will be held at the Torstensen Center 13735 Cook Road Pecatonica, IL. 
Feel free to dress up as an Indian if you want to! Don't forget to bring a mug, plate, and spoon too.

This week's Happenings:
Math: we took the mid-module test today. We move into the 2nd half of area on Wednesday.

Reading: We began by learning about nonfiction text features and text structures. This week we will be talking about the 3 big questions to ask ourselves while reading nonfiction text. These questions are to help the students engage the text easier. Question #1 is "What surprised you as you read?"

Writing: This week we will finish up our Pilgrim Unit. We will then move into a research project about Indians.

Fundations: We are finishing up week 2 of our Unit 4. Our test will be Wednesday or Friday.

Language: we are working on using conjunctions during our writing.

Have a great night.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Mondays in Third Grade

Happy Monday! Almost Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today we had a great book hunt/search. The kids started off entering the Book Yard (our room) quietly so they didn't disturb the sleeping books lying around the room. They then search through the books for certain text features.  Later in the morning they had to take the hunt down the hall to the dark and mysterious library. Using only a flashlight, the detectives had to search out small pictures of different text features and match them to the names on their paper. 

In math we had a food day! The kids used Cheez-its to find the area of rectangles. Once they found it they got to eat their baggie of cheez-its.

Only tomorrow left. We will do mostly normal activities for our Tuesday. Next week we will pick back up with our regular subjects.

If you could return the portion of the Feast invitation and let me know if you can provide a food, that would be great. We will be trying to see if we can supplement any missing foods over the long break. (FOOD DOES NOT HAVE TO COME TOMORROW!! Just let me know if it will be coming)

Have a great night and safe travels for Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesdays in Third Grade

Happy Tuesday!!

This week's Happenings:

Recorders or recorder $ must be in by Friday.

Math: This week we are continuing to learn about area of a rectangle. Right now we are counting squares and working towards using the formula, Area= Length x Width

Reading: We have been working on identifying the different text structures authors use for nonfiction text. 5 types are description, cause and effect, problem/solution, sequencing, and compare/contrast.

Writing: Our Pilgrims Unit is covering our writing.

Fundations: We are in beginning week 2 of Unit 4. This week we are spelling multi-syllable v-e (quiet e on the end of words) words then adding a suffix to them.

Language: Working on conjunctions.

Be on the look out for information on our upcoming feast. It will be the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Parents are welcome to come.

Have a great night!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Mondays in Third Grade

Hello!  Welcome back after a long weekend!  We finally have a whole "normal" week ahead of us. I think we get 2 in before Thanksgiving week hits.

This week's happenings:
Math: This week we are starting our Module 4 on Area.
Today we talked about how Area = length x width

Reading: We began talking about nonfiction text today. We discussed how nonfiction means not a story. We are focusing on text features and text structures this week in groups.

Fundations: We are starting Unit 4 this week. It will cover what happens to words that end with a silent e when you add a suffix to it. This is not our schwa unit as I had thought prior. I got ahead of myself a little.

Writing: For the next month we will be doing a Pilgrim Simulation Unit during our writing time. The kids will break up into teams. These teams will have to do activities and try to survive better than the pilgrims did. There is a lot of cooperation and teamwork in these activities.

Social Studies: Our Pilgrim Unit.

Tonight the kids had one page of cursive homework. They are either working on the a, o, or the c. They are all at different points since they had a sub last Wednesday.

Tom the turkey went home on Wednesday. Please try to have him back and decorated by this coming Friday. Thank you

Have a Great Night!

Supply list for 2018/19 Third Graders

Here is the link for supplies for 3rd grade 2018/19 supply list