Friday, December 18, 2015

Fridays in Third Grade

Good Evening!

Almost thought we would get some white stuff on the ground today! It started snowing here at recess time. The kids were excited. It didn't last long though.

Good News! is ours again. I got it purchased for our class. We are the trial run for it. The catch is, that due to it being purchased for us I am requiring it to be used by all students. It will be part of your child's grade for math for the 3rd and 4th quarter. Each child needs to do facts 4x per week. Weekends are not included in this. I sent a note home tonight with your child. If you cannot access it due to no internet capabilities, please write me a letter. I will keep the paper copy for future reference. This is not an app. Your child's username is their name and their password is their initials plus their 6 digit login.  It is their login for successmaker.

I updated the typingclub link to the right

Have a great weekend! Two days left until break.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Mondays in Third Grade

Happy Monday!

Our Holiday Party will  not be at 2:20 next Tuesday, seeing that we are dismissed at 1:35. Our party will start at 12:45. We still need volunteers for drinks/cups, take home treats, and the game. Thank you in advance!

This week's Happenings:
Math: we are working on addition/subtraction with regrouping. We are being exposed to different strategies in order to learn how to manipulate the numbers.

Reading: the kids are finishing up their books and creating a poster that will show the character traits of one on the main characters. The kids will also have to summarize their story on the poster with Somebody, Wants, But, So, Then

Writing: we are finishing up our personal narratives this week.

Fundations: we took Unit 5 test today

Science:   This week in science we started our unit on forces, called “Invisible Forces.” Your child learned how almost any action one can imagine consists of a push or a pull, or as scientists call them: a force.

In class your child was presented with a list of action verbs like “drag,” “lift,” “press,” and asked to decide whether they were pushes or pulls. You can help support your child’s learning by continuing this at home. Try applying it to actions that might be of personal interest, like the actions involved in a favorite sport (a throw, a hit, a slam dunk, a tackle, etc.).

There is no math packet this week
Have a great night!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Early Release Tomorrow

Tomorrow is an 11:05 release. Please make sure your child knows where to go after school.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesdays in Third Grade

Good Afternoon!

I hope you are all having a good week so far. The weather is looking to most October-like! Please still make sure your child is dressing so for outside weather.

This week's happenings:

Thursday is our Santa's workshop day.

Reading: we are finishing up our stories and working on retelling and a little about character traits. We discussed what figurative language is and gave a few examples of idioms, similes, and metaphors.

Math: we are finishing up with learning about grams and liters. We will spend a day or 2 on rounding and then move into review on adding and subtracting with regrouping to end the year.

Writing: we are a little behind here. We will begin our personal narratives this week and hope to finish them before break. 

Fundations: We will have our unit 5 test on Thursday.

Science: We are working on forces and motion still. 

Friday is an early release day.

Have a great night!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursdays in Third Grade

Good Afternoon,

I hope everyone is staying healthy.

I wanted to get this in yesterday but they were working on my computer and Smartboard at the end of the day so I couldn't access it. 

This week I issued a mission to the kids. They were broken up into 2 different groups. The first group's mission was to work on saying thank you to anyone that helped them. The second group's mission was to work on helping out others or letting them be first.  I am asking parent is they saw a difference at home because the missions were not limited to just at school?

Tentatively scheduled is our Christmas party for the 22nd at 2:20.

Have a good night.

Supply list for 2018/19 Third Graders

Here is the link for supplies for 3rd grade 2018/19 supply list