Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesdays in Third Grade

Good Morning,

I am coming off a crazy week. No school last Monday, Valentine's Day, sick child, and an unexpected trip to the state wrestling tournament with my son! Yesterday I was playing catch up.

I still have a couple students who need to take the science test. Those should come home later this week.

Yesterday we wrapped up our Blizzard reading groups with a class-wide snowball fight and questions.
 In math the kids got to create fraction number lines on their tables (only real way to make number lines is by drawing on the table).

Please make sure you send in your child's permission slip for the music field trip coming up! If you need a new one please let me know!!

I will be drawing for our Cave of the Mounds chaperone by Wednesday. I got a little behind with that due to my crazy week. My apologies!

This week's happenings:

MATH: We will continue to work on placing fractions on number lines and do some practice of the first few lessons from the Fraction Unit.

READING: This week we will begin our Folktale unit. We will discuss the themes and the lessons we can learn from these folktales.

FUNDATIONS: This unit will not directly follow the Fundations manual, so there will not be any study sheets to send home. We will learning about prefixes and their meanings.

LANGUAGE: We are continuing to work on writing compound sentences and practicing contractions.

WRITING: We are finishing up our opinion/persuasive essays about recess. We will be working this week on writing stories and then moving on to working on researching the 7 continents.

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Valentine's Day Party

Hello Parents/Guardians

The Valentine's Party is gaining on us quickly. I have notified all volunteers that signed up for this party by either the Bloomz app or by an email. This year we are just doing individual valentines. Below is our class list. Please make sure your child has a valentine for EVERY student. Since we have been having issues in our class with kindness, I am making this mandatory. If your child does not bring in a valentine for everyone, then they may not be able to pass them out. The party will be just before lunch on Wednesday. I have to leave for the afternoon to take my girls to the dentist. Good planning on my part, I know.


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesdays in Third Grade

Good Evening!

Reminders: This Thursday is PAW

I hope everyone's week is going well so far!
This week's happenings:

MATH: We finish up with discovering parts of a whole and work into fractions of more than one whole.  

READING: We have been working on answering questions about a text and then being able to find the proof within the text. This week each group will be reading about "The Great Blizzard" to go along with our science unit.

FUNDATIONS: We will be finishing up Unit 6 at the end of this week. Our test will be either this Friday or next Monday.

SCIENCE: This week we will talk more about severe weather. A study guide will be coming home as well. Please help your child study over the next week. Their test will be next Friday. This will be their first big content test. We will work on learning different ways to study in class to help them.

LANGUAGE: We are continuing to work on contractions through our contraction memory game.

Have a great night!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tuesdays in Third Grade

Good Afternoon!

Tonight is McTeacher night at the McDonalds in Winnebago. 100% of the cookie sales come back to our school and a percentage of all food sales also comes back to our school. It is an easy fundraiser for Pecatonica Elementary. I will not be there unfortunately. My son has a varsity wrestling meet tonight and he only has 2 left for this season. 

Please remind your student that tomorrow is free music day in Music class. They can bring in music to listen to and have a fun day. 

This week's happenings:

Math: we continue to work on fraction introduction, learning numerators and denominators. Please continue with Moby Max at home 4-5 nights per week. As students begin to top out I will lower the number of nights.

Reading: We are working on identifying our proof of answers in our text.

Writing: We continue to work on our opinion essays. Right now we are writing a short one about either joining Team Ant or Team Kid. Ask your child which team they are choosing.

Language: We are still talking about contractions and conjunctions.

Fundations: We have started week 2 of unit 6. We are discussing what the schwa a says at the beginning and end of a word.(like extra, Alaska, aloud)

Science: Our room is starting to transform into a weather world. We have rain, snow, clouds, and a forming funnel cloud that will eventually form a tornado. There also may be a hurricane developing as well.

Have a great night.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Fridays in Third Grade

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the kids will have a little homework this weekend. We started making climate maps and we ran out of time to cut them out. I sent them home with their continents to cut out and bring back on Monday. 

Also, we started a new rotation schedule for reading groups last week. They have a list of activities to finish by the Friday of the week they are assigned. If they don't finish, it is homework for the weekend. They shouldn't have much, but if they do, it may be that they are not using their time wisely to get their work done. 

One last thing: Please email me or contact me through Bloomz.com your child's t-shirt size if you haven't yet. Many of you have done so through our Bloomz page.  

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesdays in Third Grade

Good Evening Parents/Guardians:

Reminders: PAW has been moved to this Friday after school. 
Please sign up to receive updates on Bloomz.com. Class code is MGR87M. There is a phone app for apple and android.  I have already posted pictures from earlier this year and hope to get a few more up that I have sitting in my email.

This week's happenings:
We will finally get back on to a normal schedule. We finished up our winter session of MAP testing today. The kids were champs through it all.

MATH: This week we will continue working on making fractions with equal parts, identifying the unit fraction and beginning to solve word problems using fractions.

READING: We will continue to work on locating and answering questions from a text, using the text as proof. We will also be discussing the point of view the characters, narrator, and author of a text.

WRITING: WE will continue writing persuasive essays using multiple reasons and counterclaims.

FUNDATIONS: We are still at the beginning of Unit 6. This week we will continue working with open syllables, 2 syllable words ending with a y, and why the c and g can have a soft sound.

LANGUAGE:  We are working on contractions and possessives.

SCIENCE: Week 3 of our weather unit has us working on learning about climates and weather maps. We will be creating some weather tools this week.

Have a great night!

Supply list for 2018/19 Third Graders

Here is the link for supplies for 3rd grade 2018/19 supply list